Foreign Aid

We’vWe’ve worked across the Asia-Pacific region in settings including regional referral hospitals and central medical stores.

Australian training, locally grounded expertise.

Our region is home to some of the most under-resources health settings in the world. That’s why we’re using our world-class technical expertise to support and strengthen teams across our region – supporting committed local teams to safely and reliably deliver high-quality medicines to their communities.

Collaborating with local teams

Procurement in our region can be tough, but local teams are tougher. We’re skilled mentors who respect, trust and value the expertise of the local teams we work with. We’ve worked in warehouses and clinics in places like Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste, to equip teams across our region with the tools, skills and confidence required to lead their own procurement work. We provide ongoing support, visit teams when we’re needed, and have a proven track record of successful cross-continental project work.

Embedded professionals

We’ve spent months living and working in countries across our region. Our team is made up of skilled health professionals who offer world-class qualifications and deep contextual knowledge. We have strong relationships across the region, speak local languages, and never leave home without our DEET.

A trusted DFAT partner

We’re a trusted partner who has successfully delivered contracts for the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and its delivery partners.

We’re a leading example of how collaborative procurement can work in our region. With Australian qualifications, embedded teams and mutual respect, we’re supporting local teams and strengthening procurement capacity across our region.


Through trusted partnerships with highly qualified suppliers, we help teams secure quality medicines at affordable prices.

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We believe in the role clever technology plays in strengthening procurement systems and sourcing better products.

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Foreign aid

We’ve worked across the Asia-Pacific region in settings including regional referral hospitals and central medical stores.

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Curiosity sits at the heart of our work. We look for novel ways to help teams build new skills and choose the best solutions for their patients.

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